After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY

Thank you note from Haiti

from Fr. Amboise for monies sent this month
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From: Amboise Noel 
Subject: visite Pastorale (fete )
Date: June 19, 2017 at 10:05:24 AM CDT
To: Matushka Anastasia
Reply-To: Amboise Noel 

la Grace du grand Dieu est avec vous !Tres content de vous ecrire juste pour me savoir l etat de votre sante.Avec notre Seigneur j espere tout va bien.un grand remerciement pour le transfert,je constate il ya la volonte de votre part,mais manque de ressources financieres nous donnent des difficultes.je dois envoyer 250 $us a jacmel pour la fete Paroissiale Saint Augustin ,qui sera celebre le 28 juin,plusieurs baptemes seront effectues.Je vous prie de continuer a nous aider dans cette situation difficile que nous sommes ,Dieu vous recompensera.D abord la paroisse Saint Augustin avant ,je vous demande vos prieres.Baisees !Votre frere en Christ P.Amboise Noel +

Grace of the great God is with you!  Very happy to write to you just to know the state of your health.  With our Lord I hope all is well.a great thank you for the transfer,  I note there is the will on your part , But lack of financial resources give us difficulties. I have to send 250 $ us a jacmel for the parish festival Saint Augustin, which will be celebrated on June 28, several baptisms will be made.  Please continue to help us in this difficult situation That we are, God will recompense you. First the parish Saint Augustin before, I ask your prayers  .  Baisees your brother in Christ 
P.Amboise Noel +

Alms for Haiti

The most good a dollar can accomplish is with a donation to the Haiti Mission, the poorest of the poor.


Update June 2017:

Two ways to donate money to the Haiti Mission:

1. send donations for Haiti by snail mail directly to: 
  Matushka Anastasia Williams
  1180 Orthodox Way
  Liberty TN 37095

2. Pay Pal accepts most credit/debit cards
Tax-deductible receipt will be sent to you on request, either by email or by snail mail.  Send your request for a receipt to joannahigginbotham@gmail.com

We are reconstructing Haitian Orthodox Mission emailing list.  Please send me your email address to add to the list.  Thank you.  joannahigginbotham@gmail.com

The house that John built

Anyone who visits Annunciation parish in Tennessee passes John's house on the way.

• This is the house that John built.

• This is the rat that lived in the house that John built.

• This is the snake who ate the rats that lived in the house that John built.

Grocery shopping in Tennessee

Journey to Tennessee

Ash Fork, Arizona, May 4

Look! He's riding a bike!

Joanna saying goodbye to Oregon,  May 1st
his mother and I video my grandson testing out his newly repaired bicycle


Joanna saying goodbye to Oregon

April 17/30 Myrrhbearers Sunday



from Joanna's scrapbook

President Putin speaks about the ROCOR-MP

"It is impossible to imagine Russia without Christianity."



Orthodox Christian Quotes and Catechism

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Orthodox Christian Quotes and Catechism

Orthodox Quotes, Catechism, History and Homilettes

Fr. Photios serves in the GOC Cathedral in Portland, Oregon.

A message from Romania

Christ has risen!


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Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 2:42 PM
To: "joannahigginbotham@gmail.com"
Hi Joanna,

   I would like to ask you what is the situation where you are? in europe and everywhere is very bad now after the crete fake council. after one year of heresy who is dispersing the flock and let ocultism an evil into the churches, we can say times are close.
   I'm from romania, and living in the UK now but planning to return as a few fathers had the coutrage to fight ecumenism, and people as well but we are persecuted everywhere. just a few bishops in Ukraine have stopped communion, a few fathers in romania, grece, russia, moldavia, serbia. it looks the official Church for how we know it will enbrace the roman-catholics and antichrist. his spirit is already taking the minds of several peoples.
but our hope is in Christ, our Lord and Savior.
   we are fighting against ecumenism, and keeping the teaching of the elders as Fr Iustin Parvu, Fr Cleopa and all the Others.
   the reason I'm contacting is if you would have copies of the orthodox word magazine, the old back issues?

   regards and I hope there you have fathers who are fighting as well.

With love in Christ,